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GUTZI – 3 commercial rooms in a stylish building with beautiful charm in an excellent location for rent

Price on demand

58 m²

Starting from 01.02.2021 you have the opportunity to rent these 3 commercial spaces. You share the entire floor area on the 3rd floor with a great architectural office, which is why the entrance area in the front building and the staircase are incredibly stylish and have a very special charm. Take a look at the pictures of the stairwell and see for yourself. You can also enjoy a separate entrance from the stairwell.

The rooms are spread over a total of 58 m² and offer everything you need in an office. They are carpeted.
The premises are very quiet as they are on the 3rd floor of a side street. Two of the rooms face in the direction of Hagelberger Straße, room 1 is in the direction of the quiet garden. This back garden is another highlight of the property. This is very lovingly designed and also offers opportunities to relax in everyday stress.

The already attached picture / gallery rails give you the opportunity to hang up your own art and thus design the rooms particularly personally and individually.

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