The management of your property is in very good hands
with the experts of DARNA Immobilien.

Mehrfamilienhaus Verwaltung

Multi-Family Building

Mehrfamilienhaus Verwaltung

Multi-Family Building


Property Management of


Property Management of

Verwaltung von Gewerbeeinheiten

Property Management of
Commercial Objects

Verwaltung von Gewerbeeinheiten

Property Management of
Commercial Objects

Whether it is a single or multi-family house, a private property, a commercial unit, a rented apartment, or a pure capital investment: the management of your property is in the best hands with our experts at DARNA IMMOBILIEN. We are there for you as your contact person around the clock.

Our team takes care of the commercial and technical support of all types of real estate. We communicate openly, quickly, and constructively with owners, tenants, craftsmen, insurers, and other experts in this business.


  • ZProcessing of damage reports and insurance claims
  • ZObtaining various offers for necessary repair measures
  • ZMain contact for tenants, craftsmen, insurers, and owners
  • ZAdvice on structural changes and value retention and appreciation of the property


  • Z24/7 property management
  • ZPreparation of the annual operating cost statement, taking into account the assignable cold and warm operating costs to tenants in accordance with statutory provisions (BGB)
  • ZFiduciary management of bank accounts with modern administrator software rent increases
  • ZPayment reminder letter to tenants
You benefit from our network of long-standing professional partners, lawyers, and notaries, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

A team of experienced brokers is also at your side for new rentals and will be happy to advise you:
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Management of apartment buildings, multi-family houses, rented apartments and commercial units, special property management, and management of the real estate as a capital investment.

Rental House / Multi-Family House
Property Management

We are also happy to take over the administration of an entire apartment building. Our employees with over 25 years of experience take care of all the tasks that you have as a landlord and owner. We check on monthly rent receipts, the condition of the building, arrange necessary repair measures, and pay all associated bills that arise.

With specialist knowledge, many years of experience, and passion for real estate, we pull every potential from the property and take care of the value retention and property appreciation.

With a lot of experience, we can help you to reduce the operating costs of your property so that you, as the owner, benefit as much as possible and save money.


We manage and look after your rented apartment and take on all tasks for the administration of your private property. We are there for you as a contact person around the clock.

Communication with the Homeowners Association (WEG)

Of course, we keep all important documents regarding the apartment and carry the correspondence with the WEG administration. We make sure that important notices are passed on to the tenants and owners and pay attention to fast and solution-oriented communication.

Maintenance of the Property

The impeccable condition of your property is ultimately important to us. That’s why we take care of any reparation work immediately – if necessary – and hire reliable and competent craftsmen to keep the property in perfect condition.

Financial Accounting

We will open a trust account for you. This gives us control over all incoming and outgoing payments. Using modern administration software, we have the necessary overview at all times and can immediately access all necessary documents. We take care of the payment of the property tax, utility costs of your property, and other related bills.

Utility Billing

As soon as we receive the order from the homeowners’ association, we prepare the utility bill and pass on the approximate costs to the tenants in accordance with statutory provisions. At the end of the year, the tenants receive their bills timely and correctly, while you can relax.

Special Wishes?

We are also happy to accommodate your special requests. If the property tax should continue to be paid from your account, or communication with the WEG administration should take place through you, that’s not a problem. We are flexible and stand as your reliable partner for all matters and remain at your side as your competent advisors.

New Leases and Rent Increases

In order to avoid vacancies for owners, we are also happy to take care of the new rental out of your property. This is how you benefit from our all-inclusive service.

Renovation Works

From small cosmetic repairs to major renovations, we are there for you! Rest assured that any concerns you or your tenants may have will be dealt with immediately. Our craftsmen are on call and as soon as we receive a damage report or a renovation request, it is dealt with immediately.

Sondereigentumsverwaltung | vermietete Wohnungen | Kapitalanlage

Property Management of
Commercial Object

Every commercial property stands for itself and has its own special characteristics and conditions. It is in the hands of our experts to achieve optimal management with a great deal of specialist knowledge, experience, and sensitivity. In the best sense of our slogan “We want more for you”, we do everything to draw the maximum potential from your commercial units. Whether it is an office, a clinic, a shop, or a small factory: we manage and look after your commercial unit and take on all the necessary tasks.

We are there for you as your contact person around the clock.


In addition to the regular maintenance of the building technology and substance, we take care of the repairs and maintenance of your property and the outdoor facilities.

We advise you on possible structural changes to improve the energy balance and the building substance and thus ensure the continuous increase in value of your property.
In the event of a damage claim, we handle everything from one hand. We receive the claim, find the right craftsmen for the task and negotiate with insurers, in order to find adequate solutions for all problems.

We are the interface between craftsmen, tenants, owners, and insurers, and of course, we obtain the most beneficial offers for our customers.

Hausverwaltung – kaufmännische Betreuung


With modern property management softwares, we have all commercial processes relating to your property 24/7 under control.

That includes

  • Rent payments, rent increases and other receivables
  • We pass on the costs that can be passed on to the tenants according to the law regulations
  • Creation of handover protocols with before and after photo documentation
  • Trustee administration of bank accounts
  • Avoidance of vacancies and loss of rent

and that’s how the right hands for renting, leasing, buying, and selling of your real estate are connected. Our team of experienced brokers will be happy to advise you.

You benefit from our network of long-standing partners, lawyers and notaries, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Do you have an empty apartment and need advice on how to furnish it to your taste? Call us and make an appointment with us! You can benefit from our good contacts with interior designers, shops and furniture markets.

From small cosmetic repairs such as painting and wallpapering to major renovations such as smoothing the walls or renovating the bathroom: we have the right craftsmen who work inexpensively, correctly and reliably.

We believe that we have good taste and can therefore will happily advise you in decorating your property. We also work with several kitchen suppliers, so if you need a new kitchen or want to replace an old household appliance, we are there for you and will help with the installation.


Real estate buying, selling, renting and letting
Would you like to sell your property or are you considering investing in real estate? Do you have a property to rent out or are you looking for one to rent for yourself?
We gladly help you find your new home, a buyer or a tenant for your property! Our real estate experts are there for you and will be happy to advise you.

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