Rent Real Estate

How you profit from DARNA’s Services for renting

The apartment is empty already, is being renovated or even still inhabited by the current tenant?
No worries — DARNA finds you the perfect tenant!

DARNA’s team is fast, professional yet very personal. No ordinary standard service, we base our work on a personal, transparent, and experienced service that leads to satisfaction of each party involved: House managements, landlords, and tenants!

Advantages for house managements and landlords:

  • No Vacancy
  • Only personal viewings
  • We’re happy to take over your work:
    1. We rent out the property within our network and in public
    2. DARNA is doing viewings and collects all the relevant documents of the applicants
    3. You’ll receive a tenant portfolio with a recommendation from our side and you’re still able to choose if that’s the tenant that could fit

Who are DARNA’s clients?

Trustworthy and appreciating tenants. We know each client personally and know exactly, who would fit best for your property.

We have only one condition:
We have a zero-tolerance policy against all types of discrimination at DARNA.

Do you have any questions or are you convinced already?

Contact us and arrange your personal consultation with the real estate agents you trust!