Property tends to be the most valuable thing an individual possesses, and if the landlord also lives in the house or apartment, it undoubtedly holds a lot of memories. Many questions and insecurities arise when selling property and every individual sells for a different reason. What needs to be considered when selling property? When is a good time to sell property? How much is the property worth? What is required for transfer of ownership? What are the associated costs? This is just a small set of questions that sellers often ask DARNA Immobilien when they decide to sell their property. Common mistakes often occur when the sale is not affected with the help of experts such as assessors or real estate agents.

Landlords sell properties for all sorts of reasons. In 2019, there were over 30,000 apartments advertised in Berlin alone (Guthmann, 2020), but only 7% of all buyers choose to purchase directly from the owner. If you’re a real estate agent, or a property owner here are DARNA’s five most common questions asked by sellers.

How can one prepare to sell their property? The most common repairs that need to be made are leaks or damp problems, faulty wires, and plumbing problems. One wants to ensure that the property is cleaned and decorated nicely and ready to be photographed. Renovations can also be made to raise property value. This improves the quality of the offer, but project timelines should be kept in mind. Selling season is in Summer. If a project isn’t finished until Winter, then the property may not sell at the desired price or within the desired timeframe.

Should the property be staged or shown as empty? A staged property sells quicker than an empty one, but buyers should be able to imagine themselves in the space without personal items or clutter distracting them.

Should the seller be present during the viewings? The short answer is no, it often makes the buyers uncomfortable and hesitant to ask questions. Alternatively, if the seller is too emotionally attached to the property, buyers may be intimidated. This is why it is important to find a trustworthy professional to assist potential buyers and filter multiple offers.

How much is the property worth? While figures about similar properties in the neighborhood can most likely be sourced online, the actual value depends on the property’s individual features. It is best to get a property valuation from a professional.

Is the service of a real estate agent actually necessary? The real estate market is a tricky one and there are incredible benefits with experience. In depth knowledge of the market can help accurately price a property, perform marketing, and ensure an easy sale with high returns. Sellers are certain that a real estate agent is there to help them with every step of the process and acting in the sellers’ best interests while respecting their needs.

DARNA Immobilien has a treasure of experience and property selling resources and connections from being Europe’s first queer real estate agency. If sellers choose to be part of the DARNA family, they get a lifelong friend who will help with all of the above and more, including hiring real estate photographers, creating content, and storytelling via the exposé and marketing.